Dr Wafaa Mahmoud

Hello Qatar Expat Women, I am Dr Wafaa Mahmoud a Peadiatric Doctor at Elite Medical Center here in Doha.

A little about me

I came to Qatar from Egypt two years ago with my husband.

My husband and myself both have jobs and have made many friends here in Qatar. Although I miss my family back home,I do have a good quality of life here. I feel it is a very safe country and so many nice places to go. Every day we see something else rising from the sand into something amazing.I love to walk the Corniche, shopping in the malls and listening to music. I read many books, I mostly like reading fact. I love to learn new things. I have always enjoyed my work and enjoy the relationships formed with parents and their children. I almost feel like one of the family with some of them.

I believe children are a gift from god and we should take care of them always.

I would love to see you at the clinic and be very happy to help in any way I can.I realise how difficult it is being so many miles away from our homes. I undertsand completely. If you feel you need a listening ear! you are always welcome at our clinic. We have a wonderful team of  paediatrician available to you at Elite Medical Center Doha.


We have a drop in center for new mums needing advice on Mondays between 9.30am & 11am.

If you feel you would like some support please do not hesitate to drop by the center.

This service is free to the Qatar Expat Women Community (MONDAY MORNINGS ONLY)

Best wishes to all of you Dr Wafaa Mahmoud



M.Sc. in pediatrics, Asyut University Children Hospital, Egypt.M.B.B.CH, Faculty of Medicine, Asyut University, Egypt.Specialist at pediatric Immunology and Allergy unit, Asyut University Children Hospital, Egypt.Resident of pediatrics, Asyut University Children Hospital, Egypt.During my work as a resident I gained experience in the following. {Management of pediatric emergencies. {Pediatric intensive care unit (basic life supportive measures, advanced life supportive measures, intubation, mechanical ventilation, management of cardiac arrhythmias). {Neonatal intensive care (neonatal resuscitation, intubation, mechanical ventilation, umbilical venous catheterization and surfactant therapy). {Nephrology unit: management of urinary tract infection, post streptococcal glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, renal tubular acidosis and doing peritoneal dialysis. {Hematology unit: management of different types of anemia. {Pulmonology unit: management of chest diseases. {Gastroenterology unit: treatment of digestive diseases, weight problems, growth, nutrition. {Neurology unit: management of nocturnal enuresis, autism, ADHD.