Dr.Latifa Mahmoud El Hinnawi










Dear Qatar Expat Ladies

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Latifa Mahmoud El Hinnawi

I work at Elite Medical Center Doha

I moved to Qatar 3 years ago with my family, and have been married for 10 years. I was blessed with 2 sons, Kareem my eldest 8 years old & Fares my youngest who will turn 6 years of age very soon. My family includes our lovely nanny Rose who has been with us thankfully for the last 6 years and counting. A new member was added to our small family after arrival to Qatar, our smart cat Mr. King.

Kareem is like many kids, talkative, curios and askes millions of questions about anything and everything in life. Fares my little boy who is not so little any more, has a passion for nature, plants and all kinds of animals, between them they keep, myself and my husband very busy

We all enjoy family time together and I try to balance my work and time with the family. Being a mother has added much to my knowledge and experience as a pediatrician. Being a mother and a doctor has helped me communicate and relate more to the worries of anxious mothers of sick children. I always feel their pain and worries! Probably because I have been in their place every time my children were sick.

As a mother, I love meeting new mothers with their newborns and I can feel the happiness and anxiety in their eyes as I ask them question. I know because I have been there many times myself which obviously helps me to evaluate any situation.

I love children and I'm always amazed by the innocence and the intelligence of their growing minds, and as a mother I always tell the parents I meet at my clinic to have confidence that they are doing their best and that their kids and every kid is special.

A wife, a mother and a pediatrician, many roles which help to complement each other.

I hope to see you at the clinic at some point, you will be most welcome.

For your information we have a free session’s for first time mothers on Monday’s. If you would like assistance or need help or advice then please call in between the hours of 10am & 11am

Check out our website below for all contact details