King’s College

King's College Doha is a British international primary School following the UK PrepSchool model. 
The aims of King’s College, Doha we will be to provide:

- an inspirational experience that prepares children for the next stage in their life;
- a happy, safe and nurturing environment in which children can foster a sense of belonging, respect for one another and good global citizenship;
- a teaching environment able to blend the power of tradition and culture with innovation and enquiry;
first-class teaching that caters for the needs of each child;
- all children with an extensive programme of co-curricular activities through a extended day allowing them to discover interests and talents beyond the classroom through sport, drama, music, art and design;
- an environment that encourages all children to be understanding and tolerant of others, whilst developing the self confidence to express ideas and opinions;
every child with the opportunity to develop a broad range of skills, preparing them well for a bright future;

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Founded in January 2016
135 years of British education arrives in Doha.
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