Aspire Park

Did You Know?

Hidden away behind Villaggio and Hyatt Plaza, lies a massive green oasis, called Aspire Park. It is a surprisingly huge and sport-minded park, located in Aspire Zone, which is considered the ultimate sporting destination of the Middle East. Here, the 2006 Asian Games took place. It covers an area of 88 hectares, and it is Doha's biggest park. The park has different features such as beautiful fountains, playgrounds for children,a small hill, sports grounds, football pitches, green areas; trees that were imported from all around the world can be used for shade, a jogging track with rubber flooring, and a winding bicycle track. It even has chirping sounds of birds played through speakers placed inside the park to help the visitors feel at one with nature. It has the only lake in Qatar and it features some beautiful aquatic animals. The park also has a few coffee shops and restaurants.

 The structural design of Aspire Park is distinctive in its spiral trails and solar-powered lights.

The floss silk trees, which have enlarged trunks and a bottle-like appearance, are called the boab. They were shipped fully grown from Argentina in 2007.


The Torch Tower, which served as a giant torch for the 2006 Asian Games, is another recreational attraction in the park with an astonishing 300 meter height. The design of the tower was conceived by Architect Hadi Simman for the 15th Asian Games and can be spotted from any point in Doha.


Things to remember

·         The only required condition is that park visitors must dress “decently,” covering their shoulders, knees and midriffs.

·         Aspire is a park primarily for families and single men and women are not required to wear sports clothing to enter

·         Skateboarding and tree climbing are not allowed

·         Lifeguards are available till 10 pm in the night.