Weaponry Museum

Did You Know? 


The Weaponry Museum, located in Al Luqta area in the suburbs of Doha, is one of Qatar’s most interesting museums,featuring an impressive collection of arms and armor, some from the 16th century. It displays unique types of daggers, swords, miscellaneous firearms, accessories, and an amazing collection of ceremonial swords. There are over 2,300 exhibits clearly displayed and labeled.The beauty and rarity of this collection of ancient and modern weaponry, including solid gold daggers, Persian rifles from the Ottoman era and a superb collection of swords, highlights the craftsmanship owned by powerful people of Qatar and its generations. What also makes this museum worth a visit is the dazzling array of gold and silver swords and daggers, including the gold-encased dagger owned by Sheikh Ali Bin Abdullah Al Thani, a sword belonging to King Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, and a traditional curved dagger, a khanjar (ceremonial dagger), that belonged to well-famous Lawrence of Arabia. 


The museum is open to the public by prior appointment or with a tour guide. 
Timings: Daily except Saturdays from 9 A.M- 12 P.M & 3-6 P.M 
Admission: Free 
Address: between Al Luqta Street and Makkah Street, Luqta 
Tel:  4486 7473  

(Nada Hamouche)