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Carole realised she could not possibly be the only one who felt this way. From there, she decided to create what she would have liked to have had access to on her arrival — a life line. “The initial response was one of great interest and lots of women could relate to how she felt. It was slow to start with but now the group is getting very well-known,” says the founder of the group.

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I moved to Doha just over 12 months ago and found the transition extremely difficult. I become isolated and withdrawn. I finally met a lovely lady from the British embassy who without hesitation threw me a lifeline and helped me with the transition. She was amazing. When I finally came to terms with my move, I decided to set up a support group for helping women with the transition of moving from their homeland and the anxieties that go with it. This group is for all nationalities.

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A few weeks or months ago you may well have left behind all your friends and supportive family to start a new life in Qatar. This may be leaving you feeling rather overwhelmed and stressed by the many new challenges that have to be faced as an expat in the city. If you are a woman and feeling lonely or isolated in the city, Qatar Expat Women’scould be of help to you.

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Experienced expats in Qatar lend a helping hand to newbies

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