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Al Jassasiya

The Al Jassasiya site is one of the most mysterious and attractive sites in Qatar. 
Northeast of Doha, it is one of the few places where you can find petroglyphs, which are collections of rare and amazing signs carved in stone. Carvings can be found at other sites, however those found at Al-Jassasiya are considered the most extraordinary in terms of both their quality and their state of preservation

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Al-Jassasiya is in the northeast of Qatar, 75 km from Doha. Take the North Road toward Al-Khor for approximately 85 km and turn right at the Al-Huwaila sign (you will see a white mosque at the junction). Then, take the first paved road on your left and go straight; after three km you should see a large fenced area on the left side of the road accessible through several gates. This is the site of the rock carvings. The first outcrop is parallel to the road. The biggest carvings are located beside an old sign you can see from the road. The second group of carvings is further north on the other outcrop, and is accessible through a gate further down the road.