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Attending a newcomers’ group in a native land is probably the best thing you will do.

The positives of that are ,after joining, you immediately find new friends. And I have to admit that I owe my favourable expatriation to this group with all the beautiful friends I have met. By finding an entryway into the international community, you receive the support you need in your new home.

Qatar Expat Women are thinking outside the box 

The point is we cannot limit ourselves to being the person we were, and the situations we lived before , however difficult it is we left our countries!!!!!! Our acquired experiences abroad change us.
By acknowledging this transformation and embracing it we empower ourselves to move forward with confidence

Join Us!

You can join Qatar Expat Women for any number of personal reasons, one could be to make new friends and another could be to volunteer your skills to improve our group – it is, after all, the volunteers who power QEW forward. We would love to hear your ideas about new activities, and we most certainly appreciate a helping hand. We are also interested in partnering with other community groups and businesses to promote Qatar and build positive cross-cultural relationships.

With all of QEW’s activities, including QEW Mom's & Tots there is NO registration or joining fee for Qatar expat women. Knowing that you will feel right at home with all the other ladies is payment enough for us!

Please watch the updates on all of our Facebook pages to double check all the details, including any charges as this can change depending on the event or meet up. 

Find all the information you’ll need on our Facebook pages:

Qatar Expat Women facebook page


Qatar Expat Women's Mums & Tots Group



Qatar Expat Women’s Chat Room. Please feel free to ask questions.


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                                               Warmest regards Carole Astin And the QEW Team