3. Oct, 2018

What to Pack

Useful Tips to Enjoy a Beach Holiday!

Though the summer heat lingers on in the air of Qatar, pleasanter months are just around the corner! And if you are hoping to go on a beach holiday when the temperature becomes milder, you need to plan and pack right. Carrying along the right clothes, accessories, and other essentials can make your beach vacation so much cozier, especially if you have kids or pets. So, take a look at the tips here and let me know if they seem practical.

1. Take light clothes – Chiffon, georgette and light cottons are the best fabrics for any beach vacation. So pack in some well-fitted tops that are neither too loose nor too tight, a few overalls that can be quickly worn if you have to step out for a nice dinner, and do carry a couple of flowing dresses which are great for ventilation. If it’s a short trip, 2 sets of bathing suits usually suffice. In case of two-pieces, carry those which can be mixed and matched. Choose bold colors, floral prints, stripes and polka dots for a fun and sensuous look at the same time! Pack a couple of tank tops as well.

2. Pick accessories wisely – If you will be swimming most of the time, carrying precious jewelry makes no sense, as the sea water or pool water can ruin them. Take along beaded necklaces, hoops and bracelets which can be easily paired with dresses, skirts, and even shorts. Wearing only one statement piece will be a great idea especially. Carry sunglasses, a stylish big hat, a spacious tote for the day, and a clutch for evening parties at your resort.

3. Pack skincare products – Any beach vacation without oodles of sunscreen lotion with the right SPF might fall flat on its face. Also carry along moisturizers, body lotions, night creams, toners, and face cleansers. Remember to keep the makeup light by just highlighting your eyes or adding a hint of gloss to your lips. For evening events, use a darker shade of lipstick and eye shadows to create the smoky eyes effect. Do carry face powder or a compact that complements your skin tone, if you are prone to sweating.

4. Don’t ignore hygiene and health – Wet wipes and adequate sets of undergarments are essential for beach holidays. If you have fun-loving kids or a dog that loves to mess around in the water, you will definitely need wipes and soft towels to clean them up. Carry feminine hygiene products as well, along with prescription medicines, and antifungal creams. Carry dog shampoos if you have a canine friend. Remember to pack in some trash bags so that litter can be avoided.

5. Spare a thought for shoes – Sandals that look stylish and are yet comfy are the best picks for a beach vacation. You can go for bold hues like red, hot pink, leaf green, sunny yellow or fiery orange. Sandals with cute prints are also a great hit these days. Take a pair of sneakers if you plan to run every morning on the beach or work out at the gym. For evenings, take along a pair of glamorous wedges to pair with dresses or skirts.

Now, you are all set for a cheerful and fashionable beach vacation. Just make sure you book your stay at a hotel that meets your needs and tastes perfectly, and you will be good to go. Whether you are planning to holiday in Qatar or somewhere else, beaches can be a great pleasure if you plan ahead!

So, let me know if this works for you. Best Wishes Ladies!

Krishnaleena Sarkar