23. Sep, 2018

Keep your cool and beat the heat










Keep your cool and beat the heat in Qatar with these smart tips

Falling in love with Qatar was quite easy for a person like me, who loves a bit of quiet, peace and yet doesn’t want to miss out on the fun things in life! But dealing with the long summers here and the tortuous heat is another ball game altogether. Since there is no way we can control the weather, it makes more sense to try and stay cool with some simple tricks and wait for the pleasant winter months. You too can try these out and fight the heat:

Water and juices can be your savior – Simple, pure, unflavored water at normal temperature can usually be the best thirst-quencher. Or you can add ice or drink chilled water if you are parched, but be careful not to catch a cold! Carry a bottle wherever you go, and especially if you have little ones.

If drinking water throughout the day to stay hydrated seems a tad boring, spice things up with a few slices of lemon or orange. You can add mint leaves to a jar of water along with a few lemon slices and drink a glass every now and then. Or, consider preparing easy fresh fruit juices from watermelon, berries, grapes and tangerines. These are loaded with vitamins and minerals too, and are nothing but great for your health.

Stay away from colas and ice-creams as they simply make you thirstier after a while.

Take long and cool showers – One of the best things about the Qatar summer is that you can enjoy long and luxurious baths or showers in cool or lukewarm water. Taking a shower thrice a day can often help you deal with the scorching heat, the sweat and the dust, if you have to venture outside. Try using a soft and scented body wash that doesn’t make your skin feel too dry. Use your favorite perfume after bath, and you are good to go. In case you are suffering from a skin rash due to the heat, consult a dermatologist as he or she might suggest a mild soap or a soothing solution.

Eat wisely – A big meal can easily make you feel hot, as your body has a tougher time digesting it. So, try having small meals after every 3 hours to stay cool. Proteins like fish, chicken and egg whites can be a better bet sometimes, as they are lighter on your stomach. Lots of leafy green veggies, tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers can be included in the daily diet to stay healthy. For dessert, diced fresh fruits are a good idea. Sometimes, when I don’t feel like having much for dinner, a bowl of oatmeal, a large salad or some chicken soup helps.

Try and go easy on chips and fritters as they have a tendency to make you feel acidic, bloated and heavy.

Pick the right clothes – Slightly loose, long-sleeved shirts or tops and long skirts or well-fitted trousers are a smart choice during Qatar summers. Long dresses can easily be worn in the evenings for a relaxed feel. Make sure when you are out in the sun, you cover up as much as possible to avoid excessive tanning or even sunburns. Pick clothes that are neither too baggy nor too tight, to let your skin breathe. Scarves are a great way to protect your beautiful hair too.

I often choose clothes in soft pastel hues to reflect the heat as much as possible. In summer, sandals or peep-toes are my favorites; though you can try wearing closed shoes if that feels comfy, and keep you feet protected against dust.

More tips to fight the sun– Load up on sun-block lotions and creams and wear sunglasses when you go out. A hat can look very trendy with a dress or a smart pair of pants.

Keep windows closed at home during the day, after you open them for a bit in the early morning to freshen up the interiors. Using heavy and dark-colored drapes or blinds is also a cool idea. Choose cotton bed linen and sofa covers as the fabric is way more breathable than other options. Indoor plants are a great way to keep indoors oxygenated and refreshing.

If you have access to a pool, go for a swim to cool off in the evenings.

Feeling a little better about the long summer in Qatar? Try out the tips above and see if they work for you as they work for me! Also, visits to movie theatres, shopping malls, museums and your favorite restaurants can make the heat way more bearable. Give it a shot.

Best Wishes Ladies 

Krishnaleena Sarker