22. May, 2017

Top Tips For Travelling With Babies & Children

Top tips for travelling with baby/kids

As expats, we often find ourselves travelling to and from our homeland quite often. And for some mothers even travelling alone with a baby or child. Here are some great tips about travelling with a baby in and out of Hamad International Airport.

1. Be up to date with current rules at the airport and airline regarding travelling with minors. Airport rules are always changing. So to avoid any delays or confusion on your day of travel, find out as much as possible before. Travelling to certain countries with children require certain documents. Make sure all these are prepared before.

2. With kids ,especially babies and toddlers, change their sleep schedule for long haul flights. If the flight is early during the day it would be useful to keep them busy the night before or wake up quiet early. And if the flight is at night keep them busy during the day. This will help them sleep through most of the flight.

3. Make use of airport facilities. Hamad airport has strollers availed upon departure and arrival. Activity nodes/ play areas are available in the departures area. Use them especially if you have time before your flight and a restless toddler or baby. If you forget to pack snacks or toys , there are shops in departure area where you can buy some. If you are early for your flight , you can even grab a bite with the kids at the many restaurants at departures. Just don’t lose track of time and miss your flight!

4. Make sure the kids use the toilet in the airport before boarding. Babies and toddlers diapers should be changed and everyone freshened up before boarding. Hamad Airport has family bathrooms and baby changing rooms which are great.

5. As much as airlines advertise the perks of travelling with kids as priority boarding I personally don’t advise it, especially if you travelling with an older baby or toddler. Sometimes they will get restless waiting for another 200 or so passengers to board and crew to get ready for take off. Usually the boarding and take off process takes 45 to 60 minutes. And this can be a long wait. So waiting at the gate until most passengers are bordered would be a good idea. 

6. Upon arrival check for special lines at immigration dedicated to families or book for assistance before hand with the airline if you are travelling alone with kids.

7. Try to have snacks or a bottle of milk available for baby/ toddler when you arrive at the airport as immigration lines do get long and the wait will make kids restless.

8. And lastly try to relax and enjoy the travel experience.


Written by Noorath Hoosen