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Qatar Expat Women Specialise In Supporting Women

QEW: Who Are We?

Qatar Expat Women (QEW) is a community-oriented non-profit organization that specializes in supporting and welcoming new-comers to Qatar through regular social meet-ups and fun activities. Women of all nationalities, cultures and ages, together with their children or grandchildren, are invited to be part of this extraordinary group.

Carole Astin, founder of QEW, went through the same hardship as most expat women do: heartache from leaving family and friends behind, self-doubt from quitting a stable career, and struggled to realise her purpose here in Qatar. Managing to overcome this, together with understanding what was going through the minds of other expat women, was what inspired Carole to start Qatar Expat Women.

Whether you have just recently arrived or you’ve been here for some time already, join us! 

QEW’s mission is to help as many women as possible in the transition from their homeland to life as an expat, making it a positive and empowering experience. Qatar is an amazing place to live in, filled with many rich opportunities to grab a hold of – you can definitely count on us for support!

All you have to do to join is come along to the meet ups. There are no registration fees, and we try our very best to make all our events manageble to everyones income.


Regards Carole Astin 

Please email........ qim@elitemedical.com.qa

Warmest Regards Carole Astin